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In XO KYUT® Cosmetics, your satisfaction is the most important, so we give you to know the terms and conditions that govern the use of our portal http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com/tienda-en-linea.html as well as commercial transactions made through of it. By making your online purchase, you agree that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, so that all transactions made through our web pages or applications and electronic tools that allow online purchase are Subject to the following terms and conditions:


Information of XO KYUT® Cosmetics:

This online shopping website as well as the various applications and electronic tools that allow the online purchase, are owned by XO KYUT® Cosmetics are placed at your disposal for free.

XO KYUT® Cosmetics is the one who sells directly and without an intermediary the products offered on this page.

Information and use of XO KYUT® Cosmetics:

At the time you enter XO KYUT® cosmetics through our website http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com or through any platform, application or technological tool that is provided exclusively by XO KYUT® Cosmetics, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth therein; Therefore, if you do not agree with any or all of them, you must refrain from using or carrying out transactions through them.

Personal data obtained through http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com are used to process purchases, make delivery of your order at home, provide better service, improve your shopping experience, as well as send advertising and promotions that may be of use to you. For more information on how we obtain, use, store, and in general, treat your personal data, we ask you to consult our privacy notice for customers that is available at http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com at any Time you can change these terms and conditions, so we invite you to consult them periodically to know the updates of the same.

The content of http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com and the products offered in the same are directed to a public over 18 years of age, so it is the responsibility of the parents and guardians of minors to review and supervise the conduct of such minors.

The use of http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com is only and exclusively so that as a client, you can consult, and in your case buy, the products and articles that http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com put on sale through it; For the foregoing, any other use not directly related to the foregoing shall be deemed to be a violation of these terms and conditions. In case XO KYUT® Cosmetics detects that you are doing misuse of XO KYUT® Cosmetics, XO KYUT® Cosmetics will be able to discontinue your account, and even take the legal actions that it deems appropriate to guarantee the correct functioning of XO KYUT® cosmetics.

As a http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com user you are obligated to: make use in accordance with the terms and conditions described. The information provided must be truthful, accurate and legitimate at the time it is requested, you must refrain from providing information from third parties without being authorized to do so. You must perform only legal and legitimate transactions through http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com. You will be responsible for transactions carried out via http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com, including the cost of products and articles, home service charges and purchase taxes. You must refrain from impersonating natural or moral persons, as well as providing information on emails, addresses, forms of payment, and in general any data that does not apply to you. You must refrain from using http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com to resell products or services or make commercial use of it, or its contents. It is not permitted to copy, reproduce, reuse, forward, sell, transmit, distribute, download, license, modify, publish or otherwise use the content of http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com for any purpose.

We thank you for refraining from obtaining or extracting, directly or indirectly, any information contained in this page. Http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com may at any time modify the contents of this page without having to give prior notice.


General conditions the products and articles acquired by the client through our electronic portal and any other of our means or social networks of http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com will be governed by these terms and conditions, the legislation In the field of retail trade and applicable tax provisions. The price of all our products is announced in Mexican Pesos, so it is this currency that will govern all operations carried out through http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com, and our other networks and electronic media. At the price of the products will be added the amount for shipping costs.

The prices may vary, however those that are shown to you when making and confirm the purchase order are those corresponding to your purchase.


Once you have finished selecting the products and items you will buy at http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com, you’ll see the total cost of your purchase, including the cost of shipping your order. The forms of payment that you can use for your purchases made via http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com, are the following: PAYPAL: You can make your payment through the electronic platform PAYPAL at the time of making your order and also credit card and/or debit: All commonly used and supported by VISA, Master Card or American Express, market payment and OXXO payments are accepted: You can make the payment online, for which you must have a credit card duly Issued by a banking institution. All payments made through PAYPAL, online payment, as well as payments made through credit cards, debit are processed through third-party certified pages for such purposes, as well as through Third parties, so the financial data sent through http://www.xokyutcosmetics.com, or in payment with the methods mentioned above, are treated by a banking institution or a third party who processes such electronic transactions on its own . So XO KYUT® Cosmetics is not responsible for this information.

In case of requiring invoice send your billing data including an email and transaction data corresponding to the mail contabilidad@xokyutcosmetics.com, your invoice will be sent to you within the next 10 business days after receiving your Billing request.


When you have finished your selection of the products of your order, you will be given the options you have for your order to be delivered, these options have an additional cost. Service 1 to 2 working days: You will be able to select this option in order to receive the merchandise in your domicile in a period not more than two working days once the order has been confirmed, and depending on the availability that is indicated to you when you confirm your purchase. This service will only be offered according to the availability Normal service: You will be able to select this option to receive your order in your domicile, it is important that you consider that your order will be sent within the period of time that you select at the time of making Your purchase and will vary according to the availability indicated at the time of confirming your order. 5 to 10 working days National Service: In those cities where there is no adequate infrastructure to comply with the terms and times stipulated in the delivery option you have chosen, the times may vary, once received your order must: sign Delivery documents; Make a physical inspection of the products and articles so that you guarantee that the delivered coincides with your order.

XO KYUT® Cosmetics will make your best effort to arrive within the schedule stipulated in your confirmation of purchase; However, if there is any delay, you will be notified opportunely by our partners, without this implies breach of these terms and conditions because we depend on circumstances beyond us such as traffic, weather, marches, Protests, among others. For the foregoing, XO KYUT® Cosmetics will under no circumstances be liable for such delay.


In the event that any of the products or articles delivered have any failure or manufacturing defect, you will be able to make the claim corresponding to the mail of atencioncliente@xokyutcosmetics.com and you will be able to return it as long as it is in your Original packaging with all its contents and note, in accordance with the following: the time limit for physical changes and returns is 7 calendar days after purchase as long as it is in its original packaging and will be only in the event of a physical defect in its Operation or manufacturing materials. For any clarification, change or return it is necessary to present your proof of purchase. In billed merchandise, we ask you to present your invoice for any change or refund. In case of return, the freight mail for the customer, if you apply your claim will make a replacement for a new part in the following 30 business days after receiving it, as a detailed inspection will be made to the piece in question always subject to the ResU Ltado of the corresponding analysis.

The means of payment of the return in case of proceeding will be determined once authorized according to analysis carried out by XO KYUT® Cosmetics. For personalized attention and guidance regarding returns, email atencioncliente@xokyutcosmetics.com


In order to provide a better service and with the firm intention that our prices may benefit a greater number of customers, the sale will be limited to 10 pieces maximum for each purchase, these restrictions apply when the orders are made By the same account, credit card and/or billing and/or shipping address. At XO KYUT® Cosmetics We will try to maintain the existence of all products, however, all our promotions are subject to availability. If, by mistake or omission, the customer will make a purchase order exceeding the maximum quantities set forth herein, XO KYUT® Cosmetics shall cancel the purchase order.

In case of free shipping promotions, these will apply in the validity that indicates the promotion in case of application, we’ll notify you via email.


XO KYUT® Cosmetics is obliged to comply with its commitments and obligations under these terms and conditions, provided the user complies with all the commitments and obligations acquired and stated in this document, as well as in the confirmation of order. XO KYUT® Cosmetics shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited: damages, losses or expenses direct, indirect, inherent or consequential, arising in connection with this application or its use or inability to use by any of the Parts, or in connection with any failure in performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or system or line failure, even if XO KYUT® Cosmetics, or its representatives were informed about The possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. Access to leagues or links with other electronic web pages are at your own risk; XO KYUT® Cosmetics does not investigate, verify, control or endorse the content, accuracy, opinions expressed and other connections provided by these media. In any of the cases the maximum liability on the part of XO KYUT® Cosmetics will be up to the amount of the quantity paid by the customer for the services granted.

Any controversy that must be resolved by virtue of the use of XO KYUT® cosmetics and/or the services derived therefrom, the parties agree to submit to the conciliation procedure of the Federal consumer attorney’s office, or to the jurisdiction of the courts of The city of Queretaro, Qro., waiving any other jurisdiction that would correspond to him for his present or future domicile, or for any other cause.


At the moment we do not have a shipping service outside the Mexican Republic.